Microbead Extensions

In this class, Carachele will walk you through proper hair preparation, give you insight on all the tools you will need, and cover some essential tips that will aid to a successful installation and happy client! Her team has provided you with up-close visuals to help you thoroughly understand the installation process. This extensive course teaches you how to properly secure the hair and provide comfortable wear for your client. In addition, she covers her favorite tips and tricks on placement, providing you with helpful ways to better blend the hair and enhance color just by using microbead extensions.
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Sunkissed Color

Lesson Plan

- Essential tools
- Hair preparation
- Placement
- Tips and tricks for a seamless installation + comfortable wear
- Cutting and blending techniques
- Styling - Effortless Beach Waves 

Sunkissed Color
2+ hrs of content
Four different angles
Graphic overlays + music
Showing the best placement and application for seamless and comfortable wear.
Cutting and styling techniques to help achieve best results
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Basic Bob

Sunkissed Color

Effortless Beach Waves